Wrong characters in BESA software

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Module information
Modules BESA Research Basic or higher
Version 7.0 or higher

Problem description

Recently windows 10 introduced multi language support. This can however cause troubles with displaying special characters in any type of software (i.e. µV). Instead you can see something similar to this:



To solve this you need to change your system "Region & language" preferences.

  • Please press windows start button, and press settings button (the cog wheel).
  • Select Time & Language section
  • Select Region & language

A window similar to this will be displayed:


First select Administrative language settings on right side and select Adminitstative tab. Then press Change system locale... button. Check if Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support is checked. If it is please uncheck it:


You may also need to install the proper language configuration. Press the Add a language button and select the language pack that is the correct one for you. After installation make sure that the new language pack is at the top of the list. Alternatively you can also select one of the installed languages if there is any. When you click on the selected language the up and down arrow will be shown. Press the up arrow until the selected language is at the top. You should end up with a configuration similar to this one:


Once this is done you may close all the windows and restart BESA. If the problem still persists try to install another language pack or contact BESA support