Error opening program or opening the file dialog box

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Module information
Modules BESA Research Basic or higher
BESA Statistics
BESA Connectivity
BESA Epilepsy
Version BESA Research 6.0 or higher
BESA MRI 2.0 or higher
BESA Statistics 2.0 or higher
BESA Connectivity 1.0 or higher
BESA Epilepsy 1.0 or higher

Sometimes, 3rd party software installed can cause a problem starting our programs or opening things such as the file dialog box while saving or opening a file.

When the BESA program does not start

Sometimes 3rd party software can block the execution of our software due to security restriction. This can prevent BESA program from starting. If you have problems starting any of our programs you can try to fix them in the following way.

Security program

This problem was encountered when a security program provided by a bank (Image SAFER 5.0 Injection Starter) in South Korea prevented from BESA products from starting. Such security programs are mandatory while using online banking or other sensitive tasks. Similarly, other software can also prevent starting of BESA software in a similar way. To fix the problem we can try to kill the responsible program.

  1. Open "Task Manger" and go to the "Users" tab.
  2. Find the relevant security program ( in the reported case "Image SAFER 5.0 Injection Starter ...") and select the program.
  3. Close the program by clicking the "End task" button.
  4. BESA products can now run after closing such program.

Note: Such programs will run after rebooting the computer. Therefore, a user needs to close the program again after rebooting when using BESA products.

Crash while opening the file dialog box

This problem was encountered when a 3rd party program prevented BESA products from opening a file dialog. Users have reported the program crashed when opening the file dialog to save or open a file or a project.

Dell Backup and Recovery software

The problem seemed to be caused by Dell Backup and Recovery software [1] and uninstalling it if you are not using it or upgrading it if you are using this software could help solve the problem.

  1. Backup and Recovery causing applications using Qt5 DLLs to crash [1]