3D Graphics Display Issue Handling

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Module information
Modules BESA Research Standard or higher
Version 6.1 or higher

3D Graphics Window

If you encounter any problems in displaying MRI slices in the 3D window in Source Analysis, then it is possible that a graphics card setting needs to be changed. This is done in the besa.ini file.

To change the setting:

1. Close the BESA Research program.

2. In File Explorer, locate the besa.ini file. For the example of a BESA Research 6.1 installation, in Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10, it should usually be located under C:\Users\Public\Documents\BESA\Research_6_1\

3. Open the file with a text editor. Towards the end of the file, you should find the following section:


4. Change the entry Use3DVBlending.

You can try three different settings. Choose one of:

  • Use3DVBlending=On
  • Use3DVBlending=Off
  • Use3DVBlending=Auto

One of these should work for your graphics card.

The example below shows a 3D MRI slicing with blending set to "Off" and to "On".

GraphicsCard1.png GraphicsCard2.png