Advanced Top Viewer Features

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Module information
Modules BESA Research Basic or higher
Version BESA Research 5.2 or higher


The BESA Top Viewer, which is part of the BESA Research Basic package, offers many interesting features to view and analyze your ERP data. Let us just point out some of the lesser known features here:

Window background colour

Change the background color for using Top Viewer in illustrations by selecting “View | Preferences” from the menu. In the dialog box that appears, use the dropdown list in section “Colors” to select “Background” and then press the “Choose Color” button in that section. You can save the Top Viewer display as bitmap or eps file from the File menu.

TopView Preferences.png

Channel overplot

Show an overplot of all channels by using the “View → Show Overplot Window” menu entry. You can select which channels will be plotted in “View → Select Overplot Channels”.

TopView Overplot.png

Condition overplot

Show an overplot of several conditions by simply clicking on the condition label on the top left and holding down CTRL or SHIFT keys to select several conditions. The last condition clicked (bold print) is the relevant one for amplitude displays and mapping.

TopView Overplotcnds.png

Additional channel plot

Show polygraphic, myographic, or virtual channels beside the Top Viewer montage display by using the Additional Channels option (see example screen shot below from a recording with additional FDI channels):

  • In “Montage → Additional Channels”, select the set of additional channels from the list that appears.
  • Should your channel set not appear, then go back to the Montage Editor and create an Additional Channels montage by pressing the ‘N’ key to create a new Edit Montage, dragging your channels over to the channel list, and saving it as a user montage (select Montage type “Additional Channel montage” in the Save dialog box). Then your channel set will be available in the Top Viewer.

Top Viewer.jpg