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Module information
Modules BESA Research
Version BESA Research 6.1 or higher

Anonymizing EEG data

The BESA Anonymizer is a simple tool which allows you to anonymize EEG data sets that you would like to share for research purposes. You can anonymize single files, or all EEG files in a folder. Several EEG file formats are supported.

BESA Anonymizer comes as a free tool which is part of the installation package of BESA Research. You can start it simply by clicking the Windows Start button – the Anonymizer is part of the BESA program group.


Anonymizing MRI data

MRI data sets can be anonymized directly in BESA MRI at the time of loading the data into the project. This workflow has also been improved in the March release of BESA MRI 2.0. Note that this anonymization only affects BESA MRI projects including the data inside them. The original DICOM files remain unchanged. However, BESA MRI projects can be shared easily, without a need for incorporating the original MRI data.