Batch Error Handling

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Module information
Modules BESA Research Basic or higher
Version BESA Research 5.2 till 6.0


This page informs about possible issues when running batches, and how to resolve them.

Several batches message box

If upon starting a batch the following info box appears:

Batch error 1.png

Then it is possible that a previous instance of BESA Research has not shut down correctly, and there may still be a process of BESA Research running in the background. You can check for this by

  • closing BESA Research
  • right-clicking in the taskbar at the bottom of your window, and selecting the Task Manager. Select the tab "Processes" and display the background processes. There should be no background process running for BESA Research. However, it is likely that there are (hence the message box above). In this case:
    • Either log off and on again, or
    • Close the BESA Research background processes in the Task Manager (by right-click on the corresponding row in the Task Manager display).

Then re-start BESA Research.

Batch error 183

It can occasionally happen that a batch can not be started, and informs you that the batch error 183 occurred (could not set up batch logging). The reason (and the fix) is most likely the same as described above. If not, logging off and on again (or, in the worst-case scenario, re-booting the computer) will unlock the handle to the log file.

Note: This problem should be fixed from version 6.1 January 2017 onwards.