Export each gradiometer and magnetometer data separately

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Module information
Modules BESA Research Basic MEG or higher
Version 5.2 or higher


In order to export each gradiometer and magnetometer data separately, a montage for each MEG sensor type should be applied before exporting data using the Export dialog.

Create a montage

Below is an example to create a montage for gradiometer channels.

  1. Open a MEG data in BESA Research
  2. Select the menu entry "Edit / Montages ..." (or press the "EdM" button in the ribbon menu)
  3. Delete the montage channels of magnetometer and other unnecessary channels in the Montag Editor window
    • ME deleteSelectedCh.png
  4. Save the montage using the menu entry "File / Save Montage As..."
    • The saved montage file can be used later.
  5. Set the created montage by selecting the menu entry "File / Exit and Set Montage"

Export data

  1. Check the current montage in the review window of BESA research
    • If the current montage is not the created one in the above step, press "Usr" button in the ribbon menu and choose the saved montage.
  2. Export gradiometer data using the export dialog (File / Export data) with the options below:
    • Data to export: Contigous data
    • Montage and Filters: Current montage
    • Target data formats: BESA binary