How to Convert BESA Connectivity results for BESA Statistics

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Module information
Modules BESA Connectivity, BESA Statistics
Version 1.0 or higher (BC), 2.0 or higher (BS)

Note and general remarks

Connectivity results exported from BESA Connectivity 1.0 (or higher) can be imported in BESA Statistics 2.0 (or higher) to perform statistical permutation testing.

  • In BESA Statistics 2.1 (or higher), exported connectivity results can directly be read - no conversion procedure is necessary.
    • Note for BESA Statistics 2.1 November 2020: When the BESA connectivity file format (*.conn) is used in BESA Statistics, the order of the time-frequency plots (the grid view of connectivity results) in "Set Parameter" and "Perform Statistics" workflow steps is not the same as that of BESA Connectivity. Because the upper and lower diagonal parts of plots are flipped, the meaning of the label in each plot in BESA Statistics should be interpreted as the following example: A label "Ch1-Ch2" means "information flow from Ch2 to Ch1".
  • In BESA Statistics 2.0: To be able to read the connectivity matrices that are exported to disc as *.conn files, the format and the extension of the data files need to be changed to enable reading them in BESA Statistics.

Export connectivity results in BESA Connectivity

For exporting connectivity results in BESA Connectivity, please refer to Export Connectivity Results.

Connectivity matrices are stored to disc as *.conn files. BESA provides scripts to import these files into Matlab for further analysis. The scripts can be downloaded from the following page on the BESA website: MATLAB Scripts

Prepare data for BESA Statistics 2.0

In order to be able to import connectivity matrices into BESA Statistics 2.0, it is necessary to convert *.conn files exported from BESA Connectivity to *.tfc files which can be read by BESA Statistics. The BESA_Connectivity_to_BESA_Statistics.m script will perform the required conversion (download available here: BESA Connectivity Scripts). The connectivity results in BESA Statistics will be displayed in the same matrix view as in BESA Connectivity without the normalized power-spectra density that is shown on the diagonal on BESA Connectivity.