Issues related to the language setting of Windows

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One of the Unicode related options on Windows 10 causes some issues listed below:

  • BESA Research shows the following error message when starting MRI coregistration.
    • MRI program could not be started.
  • BESA Research displays wrong special characters (see Wrong characters in BESA software).


To solve the issues, you should change the "Language for non-Unicode programs" setting.

  1. In Windows Settings, select Time & Language.
  2. Select Region at the left side menu.
  3. Select Additional data, time & regional settings.
  4. In "Clock and Region" dialog, select Region.
    WindowsRegionSetting 01.png
  5. Move to Administrative tab in the "Region" dialog
  6. Click Change system locale....
  7. Change the "Current system locale" to English (United States).
  8. Uncheck the checkbox Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support.
  9. Restart Windows.
    WindowsRegionSetting 02.png