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Version 5.2 or higher

Frequently asked questions concerning licensing:

The BESA software does not start due to a licensing problem. What can I do?

The BESA Software is licensed using the Thales hardware-based protection, which utilizes BESA license keys. Only if a BESA license key with suitable licenses is available, local or on network, the BESA Software will run.

If you encounter any troubles with starting the BESA software, please make sure that the Sentinel Runtime Environment is installed properly

  • on the machine(s) where the BESA software should be started and
  • on the machine(s) where the dongle is connected to.

You can download the latest version of the Sentinel Runtime Environment from the BESA website, please refer to the "Complete setup" section here.

I get communication problems with Sentinel License Managers. What can I do?

If you encounter communication problems with Sentinel License Managers like:

  • "Failed to load library"
  • "Unable to access Sentinel Run-time environment (H0033)"
  • "Communication error between local and remote Sentinel HASP License Managers (H0040)"
  • "Sentinel License Manager version too old (H0042)"

please read the instruction Communication Problems with Sentinel License Managers.pdf which should help.

Can I update an expired BESA license?

If your BESA license is expired, please contact our Sales Office for more information.

If you encounter any difficulties, please read the instruction How to update BESA licenses.pdf which should help.

How can I configure who is allowed to use the BESA license?

If you want to configure the license access on your network or to use the licenses only locally, please use the instruction How to use BESA licenses on a network.pdf.

The BESA network licenses are not usable on the client machine. What can be the reasons for this?

Start a Web Browser and type http://localhost:1947/_int_/log.html.

If the message "A duplicate license manager id exists on this server" appears: Kindly copy "http://localhost:1947/action.html?create_new_lmid" on cloned License Manager ID machine browser and press enter. It will change the ID of License Manager.

BESA software does not start because too many licenses are in use. How can I free a license?

Start a Web Browser and type http://localhost:1947/_int_/sessions.html. This shows all connected sessions. They can be disconnected if required using the button on the right of the display.