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Welcome to the BESA Wiki!

This wiki is designed to help users with typical questions around using BESA to achieve their goals. Topics are available for the following categories:




License session not freed (BESA MRI 64 bit version)

File Formats

ASCII File Format

Channel Definition File Formats

Event File Format

MEG Sensor Coordinate Files

Supported Data Formats

Paradigm File Format in BESA

Importing Electrode Locations in Combined EEG/MEG Measurements with the Neuromag System

BESA files extensions

Data Review and Analysis

Importing Digitized Coordinates

Verify Electrode Coordinates

Export Single Trial Data

How to Average EEG channels

Averaging Across EEG Datasets from Different Recording Systems

Time Frequency Resolution In BESA

Change Waveform Colours

Best Strategy to Define a Multiple Source Model

Export Dipole Moments of Fitted Sources

Recommended Electrode Configurations

Exporting Artifact-Corrected Data

Create Triggers for Artifact-Rejected Epochs

Inserting Triggers Relative to Existing Events

Change or Exclude Erroneous Head Surface Point Locations

Exporting Top Viewer Waveforms into other Graphics Software for Further Processing

Seed dipole solutions from cortical images

Matlab interface

How Do I Configure the Matlab Interface?

Updating the Matlab Interface after Matlab Upgrade

Exporting Data from Matlab to BESA Statistics

Visualization with BESA Plot in FieldTrip


Marking AC-PC Points in BESA MRI

BESA Statistics

Cluster Alpha vs. Neighbor Distance

How to Prepare Data for BESA Statistics

Importing BESA Statistics Results into Excel

Operating systems

Running BESA Research on the Mac

Trouble shooting

MF Error 211

3D Graphics Display Issue Handling

Batch Error Handling

Error message: Failed to load library during software installation

License session not freed in BESA MRI 64 bit version

Install And Update File Format Readers

BESA recipes

Control of BESA Research by external programs

Correcting Volume Conductor Segmentations

Random Averaging

Statistical Analysis for More than Two Levels

Exporting Data from Matlab to BESA Statistics

Visualization with BESA Plot in FieldTrip

Did you know...?

Moving Dipole Fit

BESA Anonymizer

Batch Processing

Analyzing Electrocorticography Data

Advanced Top Viewer Features

Coming soon

  • a collection of useful batches
  • and further content we will be publishing on this wiki

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